Working under optimum conditions

As everybody knows, diamond is the hardest material that exists. Nevertheless, it is brittle and has to be handled with utmost care to prevent damage and premature failure. Essentially, any direct contact with fingers or other materials, e.g. during mounting or adjusting the engraving system, must be avoided. Due to this high risk of damage, we generally recommend not to clean the diamonds. If cleaning the diamonds, however, cannot be avoided, please proceed as described under diamond cleaning.

Several factors may lead to a premature failure of the stylus: a very high hardness of the copper just as much as enclosures or concealed voids (cavities) in the copper.

For that same reason, it is mandatory to keep any dust, be it caused by construction work, material handling vehicles or draught, from settling on the copper cylinder during engraving.

Should the stylus hit dust or abrasive grit on the copper cylinder during engraving, it will inevitably cause premature failure.